Your SaaS App Architecture


A successful SaaS product can be more than just cost-effective; it makes it easier to meet your fluctuating needs. As a software on demand application provider, our core focus is providing ISVs with a quality deployment method for their software in a subscription-based model.


Our extensive experience and seasoned knowledge has made us a leader in the SaaS application delivery. Wizmo provides partners with the necessities to deliver quality SaaS products to end users worldwide.


You can rest assured that Wizmo addresses all aspects of your product. Your SaaS product will include:


  • Infrastructure to meet performance and security requirements.
  • Comprehensive back-up and restoration services.
  • Completely redundant power, bandwidth and atmospheric controls to make sure our systems are reliable and secure.
  • Maintenance for all hardware and OS software.
  • Proactive monitoring of systems.
  • Change control process to make application upgrades and maintenance as seamless to customers as possible.


We provide the highest quality SaaS application hosting services to help you achieve the finest SaaS application possible. From A to Z, Wizmo is your powerhouse to launching any SaaS product.


Let Wizmo be your ticket to SaaS success and get your company on the fast track to creating a powerful, cost effective SaaS platform for your software today!


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