Citrix Hosting


As a full service Citrix hosting service provider, Wizmo has considerable experience hosting Windows applications via Citrix XenApp (Citrix Metaframe) and Microsoft Terminal Services. These technologies allow PC and Mac users access to your Windows applications from a central location over the Internet. Users are not required to install the application on their local desktops, reducing your end user support requirements. Users are only required to have Internet access.


Using a Citrix Desktop is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Here's how...


Step One: Set Up the Citrix Web Client



A user must have the Citrix Web Client downloaded and installed the first time they access the Citrix hosted desktop. This is required on a per computer basis when accessing the environment.




Wizmo has simplified this process by creating a simple install that can be found on the Customer Launch Page (CLP).




You simply click on the SETUP button on the bottom right hand corner of the CLP. The system will guide you through the setup.


Step Two: Log In



Each user will utilize the Customer Launch Page (CLP). The CLP is not only where you will log in, but it has many additional benefits:




  • Each company has their own CLP
  • The CLP is customizable and can be branded for product definition
  • Notices can be posted to communicate support hours, maintenance windows and more
  • User guides and links can be posted to help the users




Once you log in via the LOGIN button, you will simply enter in your username and password. And you are ready to use your desktop!


Step Three: Using Your Desktop



The on demand applications that are available to you will be displayed on your Citrix desktop. In addition, you have access to your local drives. By clicking on the My Computer icon, you will be able to see what drives are available to you. In the example, on the next page, you will see that all local drives are noted with a '$' in the naming convention.


Private & Shared Drives



In addition to local drives, each user has access to a private drive (P:\) and a shared drive (S:\). The private drive is easily reached only to the user, where the shared drive allows access by all users within a company.


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