SaaS Look and Feel

Wizmo believes that each Software as a Service product has very unique and beneficial qualities to offer users. We give each SaaS solution our highest attention and focus to ensure that our partners are able to deliver their applications in the most cost-effective manner. We help you achieve a successful SaaS hosted product by working with you to satisfy the needs of your customers.


Almost any class of software can be hosted, whether it is Windows or Web-based. Even if the software is not Web-enabled, Wizmo can architect a SaaS platform for your offering. We want you to get to the market sooner so you can grab your share of the market.


So, what will your software look like in a SaaS environment? Your software will look just like it does now, if not better. Wizmo will provide you with a Feasibility Assessment of your software in a SaaS model, including preliminary SaaS pricing. Once mutual agreement to move forward in our partnership is established, we will provide you with a beta of your application in the SaaS model.




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