Cloud Connect


Cloud Connect is a complete SaaS infrastructure service that takes your software to the market as a service.


Successfully done, the SaaS model can be a boost to the top and the bottom lines while improving customer satisfaction and simplifying upgrades and customer feedback.


Wizmo helps you with business issues

Often based on a monthly subscription fee, the SaaS model is a different business model that can disrupt your existing business and revenue stream, impacting everything from pricing to revenue recognition to sales compensation strategies as well as service level agreements and customer service. One of Wizmo's most valued services is its deep familiarity with such disruptions and how best to navigate them.


Wizmo helps you with technology issues

Most applications were designed to run on dedicated hardware. This limits choice when it comes to moving the application or, at best, consider managed hosting in a private cloud. Wizmo's methodology can deliver your existing, on-premise software as a SaaS offering. So even if you are planning to re-architect your application, you don't have to wait to leverage a SaaS offering. And remember, multi-tenancy is not a prerequisite for Wizmo to deliver your application in the cloud.


The ideal SaaS strategy

If you're a high-growth startup, an application developer trying on SaaS for the first time, or a company that has outgrown your self-hosted offering - consider partnering with Wizmo, a company that has been there and has the tools, people and experience you need to be successful. You can also take advantage of a spectrum of technology and pricing options depending on your unique circumstances.


Offer your customers a seamless SaaS experience


  • Fully-managed SaaS hosting ecosystem
  • Wizmo Project Team - including a Solution Architect and Project Manager
  • Dedicated, private cloud
  • Capacity and Growth Planning of Your Architecture, resulting in an N+1 Design
  • Wizmo owns the hardware and all parts of hardware Life Cycle Management
  • 24x7x365 Data Center Support
  • Support Tools to Remotely Manage Your Environment
  • Highly Secure and Redundant Data Centers and Network
  • Secure Data Services, Backup, and Disaster Recovery
  • Always On Promise built around our infrastructure support



Why partnering with Wizmo is a smart business decision

You're not a hosting partner; nor should you be. But behind your sites and applications sit hardware and infrastructure that someone needs to handle. Sooner or later you won't want the distraction or cost of this full-time responsibility. Wizmo is here to make your life easier. Wizmo's fully-managed SaaS solutions, expertise, and economies of scale mean you can reduce your total costs, let Wizmo handle the complexity and ongoing change management, without forsaking the accessibility, flexibility and supportability you need to do what you do best.


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