Cloud Navigate


According to a Goldman Sachs study, worldwide Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue is forecasted to achieve $106B in 2016, expanding 21% over anticipated 2015 spending levels. This means that if you are not offering your software as a service, your competition soon will be.


As a traditional software company, migrating your existing application and revenue model to SaaS can be complex and, without best practices, can be costly or even detrimental to your business. Nearly every aspect of operating a SaaS model is different from that of a traditional software business.


How do you decide if SaaS is right for your company?


And if it is, how do you build a roadmap to help you get there successfully?


Cloud Navigate is an executive workshop that provides a window into what we have learned as a company over the years as we have participated in and led the SaaS infrastructure and services industry. We cover the main issues, review case studies, and make our senior team members available to you for an in-depth conversation. In the process, you also see how Wizmo operates and what we could do for you.


Wizmo's Cloud Navigate helps you chart your path to the cloud by helping you make the following decisions:


  • Determine quickly and efficiently if SaaS is right for you
  • Quickly gain a good understanding of the technical and business implications of moving to SaaS
  • Receive un-biased expert opinions based on best practices and the state of the art


Get the answers to your most critical SaaS-related questions


Competitive position


  • Will our customers accept or adopt a SaaS product?
  • Will SaaS provide us with a key differentiator and give us a competitive edge?


Technology and Architecture


  • How do we migrate to a multi-tenant structure?
  • What existing code can be leveraged within the SaaS architecture?
  • What will the new SaaS offering look like?


New Pricing Strategies


  • Should we charge per company or per user?
  • How much should we charge?
  • Should certain services and/or functions be considered premium?


Financial Implications


  • How much will it cost?
  • What is the potential for increased revenues?


Sales and Marketing


  • How will earning revenue over time impact our existing sales compensation plans?
  • How will SaaS impact our marketing approach?


Customer Services and Customer Training Processes


  • How will the SaaS model impact the way we interact with our customers?
  • How will we be able to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention that is required to sustain and grow our business?



Why partnering with Wizmo is a smart business decision

The prospect of SaaS-ifying your application brings up a lot of questions, starting with, "How do we do it?" As a pioneer in the SaaS and cloud hosting industry, Wizmo has the experience to be your trusted partner, bringing to you the knowledge we have accumulated over 10 years of matching technology solutions to business objectives. Our engineers and support technicians are among the most experienced in the industry when it comes to designing and supporting SaaS architectures and delivering cost-effective scalable solutions with high availability and security.


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