Products & Services

With years of experience providing SaaS services for a wide variety of software companies, Wizmo has what it takes to understand your unique requirements and to evolve with you.


We start with your business objectives and prior experience as we work with you to craft the ideal course of action. Wizmo Educational Services help you navigate the complexities of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service. Wizmo Infrastructure Services provide a comprehensive methodology to design, develop, maintain, and evolve the ideal infrastructure solution that matches your business objectives.




Cloud Navigate: is an executive workshop that provides a window into what we have learned as a company as we have participated and led the SaaS infrastructure and services industry. We cover the main issues, review case studies, and make our senior team members available for you for an in-depth conversation. In the process, you also see how Wizmo operates and what we could do for you.


Cloud Connect: is a complete SaaS infrastructure service that takes your software to the market as a service. Often based on a monthly subscription fee, this model can disrupt your existing business model, impacting everything from pricing to revenue recognition to sales compensation strategies as well as service level agreements and customer service. Successfully done, it can be a boost to the top and the bottom line while improving customer satisfaction and simplifying upgrades and customer feedback. Wizmo's years of experience delivering SaaS services can be exactly what you need to enter and leverage the Cloud. You can take advantage of a spectrum of technology and pricing options depending on your unique circumstances.


Cloud Boost: is a SaaS augmentation or migration service. If you are already using a SaaS provider, let Wizmo create a parallel service to augment your existing service. This gives you and your users additional flexibility and peace of mind. To further improve service levels while reducing service costs, you can also migrate completely to Wizmo or let us manage all your SaaS providers for you.


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