Data Security and Practices


Our work is your peace of mind. Wizmo understands the significant role of data security in today's high-speed business world. As a leading SaaS provider, this understanding has been at the very core of our business. From our security practices to our data center and data protection, you can rest assured that a security breach will not derail your SaaS product when Wizmo is taking care of your environment.



Policy & Procedures

Wizmo believes that security starts well before a SaaS product goes into production. We have adopted a wide range of best practices, including SAS70 protocols and procedures. This basic principle allows Wizmo to provide the most reliable application hosting service possible while keeping up-to-date with not only product updates, but also security fixes provided by our solution component vendors. Wizmo's change control process ensures that only authorized, tested changes are made to the SaaS product and environment.



Data Protection

Wizmo's day-to-day data protection strategy ensures that in the event of a disaster, whether large or small, your data is safe and secure. Our network engineers manage the entire security infrastructure of your SaaS product, whether it utilizes Citrix, Terminal Services or is a web based application - nothing is outsourced. We have addressed security in every area, from employees and physical location to antivirus, firewalls and more.



Data Center

To support our drive for exceptional security measures, Wizmo utilizes a Tier III data center allowing us to deliver scalable SaaS solutions while providing our partners with the best security benefits possible.


From standard to customized offerings that require HIPAA or PCI compliancy, Wizmo can design an effective security program around you and your customer's needs.



Contact Wizmo and let their team show you how they can engineer a safe, secure SaaS product for your company.


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