Benefits of SaaS


The Software as a Service (SaaS) model not only offers a host of benefits for end users but also provides the same level of advantages for the software vendor.


A SaaS offering provides 6 key benefits for a software company:


  • Rapid implementation: The ability to add companies and users quickly and efficiently to meet increasing demand; users can be up in days.
  • Minimal hassles: The SaaS model alleviates many of the burdens associated with the traditional delivery model as well as the ASP/MSP hosting and grid computing models.
  • Accessibility: Organizations and users can access the environment anytime, from anywhere Internet is available.
  • Subscription/per user pricing: per user, subscription based pricing reduces the capital burden of common on-premise pricing models. This provides the software vendor and users a more affordable SaaS solution alleviating monetary risks.
  • Scalability: Organizations can add or subtract users as needed without worrying about procuring new hardware and other infrastructure components, reducing your capital expenditures.
  • Simplified software management: Greater flexibility to meet fluctuating end user company demands. Updates can be released quickly and efficiently.


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