Why Wizmo


Why SaaS? Because your customers have asked about SaaS. Because your competitors are talking about SaaS. Because industry analysts, such as Gartner, predict that the SaaS software market is growing 5 times faster than traditional on-premise software. Because you think a SaaS offering of your software will allow you to grow your business and reach customers you otherwise can't get. But you don't know how to get started. You want your software in the cloud and you want it there now.


Why Wizmo? Because you want a partner who has the technical and business expertise to make SaaS a business success for you and your customers. Wizmo has been in the Cloud Computing and SaaS business for over 10 years.


Wizmo gets it. We work on a success-based business model, providing our partners with an easy on-ramp into the SaaS market.



Success = Technology + Business

We work with you to architect an application platform that ensures configurability; multi-tenancy efficiency; security; scalability; and consistent, end-to-end operation with the same or better quality of service than before. We'll help you standardize your offering to lower your cost of maintenance.


Wizmo also helps you recognize and address the impact of SaaS on your business processes from sales and marketing to billing, revenue recognition, and cash flow to pricing, packaging, licensing, and the metrics you use to determine how much to charge for transactions, users, and storage.


Schedule a Wizmo Cloud Navigate Workshop and learn more about how Wizmo gets your software application and your business Cloud Ready.



Aligning Your SaaS Costs to Your SaaS Revenue

Wizmo provides a fully-managed hosting solution for application developers to deliver their software as a service with no code modifications. Wizmo alleviates the operational burdens associated with hosting and other cloud computing delivery models by managing everything from platform infrastructure to backups to security to scalability to always-on accessibility.


Whether your software application is Web (browser) based, WindowsTM based or non-browser based, our expertise in SaaS hosting and Cloud delivery enables Wizmo to architect a SaaS delivery model that provides the best end-user experience for your customers and aligns your SaaS costs with your SaaS revenue. We help you deploy the most cost-effective, high-quality solutions to your customers across the globe.



Managing the Environment for You

You and your customers receive a SaaS offering that is backed by a state-of-the-art data center, redundant network, daily back-ups, and battle-tested disaster recovery plan. Wizmo's experienced team of engineers, project managers, and technical support staff delivers:


  • No-hassle upgrades. We manage and implement all updates and upgrades; there are no patches for you or your customers to download or install.
  • Shifting the burden of scalability to Wizmo, so there's no need for you to add hardware, software or bandwidth as your user base grows. Your expense to revenue ratio remains constant.
  • Your technical and development teams can focus on meeting their customers' needs.
  • No on-site implementation is required.



Flexible Pricing Models

Wizmo follows a subscription-based pricing model with no infrastructure or startup costs. All services, system resiliency, data security, support, disaster recovery planning, hardware, infrastructure, and licenses (e.g., Citrix, MS Office, MS SQL, etc.) are included in a predictable fee. We work with you to assess each application to determine the most competitive and flexible Pay-As-You-Go service pricing. This approach enables you to reach previously unreachable markets. Whether per user/month, per location, per transaction or other metric, Wizmo matches your pricing model with your go-to-market strategy and aligns your costs with your SaaS revenue.



Architectural and Pricing Analysis

Wizmo engineers perform an application assessment to determine the viability of delivery in a SaaS model. During this preliminary phase, Wizmo defines the architectural components including infrastructure, bandwidth, and storage. This is done at no charge to potential partners. The output of this analysis is architectural design and pricing.




Multi-tenancy is not a requirement nor is an imposed change to your application. With years of experience, Wizmo engineers can provide the architectural and design services to get your application up and performing according to your customer requirements.




Wizmo deploys an N+1 architecture with load balancing to ensure scalability is automatic and seamless. We monitor the environment loads and rapidly-scale hardware, as needed, to ensure an uninterrupted end user experience.



Availability and Security

There's nothing worse than downtime due to unplanned outages. That's why Wizmo provides a SaaS hosting solution that has delivered on this promise: No suprises. Our deep technical experience has given our customers the "peace of mind" that comes from working with the best.


Every area of security from personnel, physical location, biometric access, security intrusion detection, antivirus, and firewalls has been addressed in our Tier III Data Centers. In addition, we implement quality assurance and redundancy within the environment and continually monitor the system for system failures.


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