Happier Customers. Higher Profits.

And the best extension of your IT department imaginable.

Time to take your software business to the cloud?
The experts at Wizmo are here to guide you the whole way.

The Whizzes of Wizmo

We are a team of cloud-computing experts who help software companies move their applications to the cloud and, once there, manage the SaaS environment for them.

We specialize in guiding our partners through the often tricky technological and business challenges of the client-server to cloud migration process.

Overcoming the many obstacles to SaaS delivery — and setting our partners up for sustainable success — is Team Wizmo's favorite puzzle to solve.

Is your software ready for the cloud?

Because your competition soon will be.

SaaS spending is on the rise, with no sign of slowing down. The time to transition your software is now.  But changing your application delivery and revenue model to SaaS can be complex. And without best practices, costly or even harmful to your business.

The SaaS model differs from traditional software in nearly every area of operation, making the jump to the cloud daunting. But, in most cases, well worth it. 

Wizmo makes moving your software from ground to cloud smooth and successful. It's been our specialty for nearly 20 years.

What Makes Wizmo Different?

First, when we call you our partner, we really mean it. Our business succeeds when your business succeeds. Period.

Second, we have a neverending determination to make things work, even when it seems impossible. We're called the MacGuyvers of the Cloud for good reason.

Third, Wizmo has been a leader in cloud computing since the beginning, giving us decades of experiential knowledge to use when solving new challenges.

More on how we propel your SaaS business toward success, right on the other side of this green button.

When you partner with Wizmo, we have a stake in your success.

That's why we go beyond just hosting your app in the cloud. We guide you every step of the way there.

We've been taking software to the sky since 2001, when cloud computing technology was still brand new. In the nearly two decades since then, we've figured out a thing or two about how to do it right.

At Wizmo, we'll make sure your application gets to the cloud in a way that works better for your user base, your financials, and your code.