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Wizards of the Cloud


In 2001, Wizmo deployed its first Cloud application architecture for a Fortune 500 company, becoming one of the pioneers of cloud computing. Today, our deep technical and business expertise help software companies take their user base and business to the cloud improving customer satisfaction and financial performance.


Let us show you!

Cloud Navigate

Should you offer your software as a service? Can you afford it?


From business model and sales compensation to technical feasibility and customer service, successfully delivering your software in the cloud has never been more compelling (or complex).


The Wizmo Cloud Navigate executive workshop shows you the way in as little as 2 hours.


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Cloud Connect

A full-service cloud provider can be the perfect next step if you have outgrown your existing in-house SaaS solution.


Ability to scale up or down, matching your costs to revenue, and taking advantage of best practices are some of the benefits.


The Wizmo Cloud Connect is the perfect transition program.




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Cloud Boost

Many Cloud providers are too costly, require you to do the hard work, and include complicated legal terms.


Architecting, developing, deploying, managing, and updating your SaaS solution should be seamless.


The Wizmo Cloud Boost service does all the work to migrate you to a service that is aligned with your business.



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